Parent Guild Meeting Minutes

Parent Guild Meeting Minutes                                              

Meeting Date & Time: November 4, 2013 at 6:00pm

Meeting Place:  BDMS Library


Attendees:  Karen Kellogg- Principal;   Pat  Greico –Asst. Principal;   Jennifer  Cestaro- President;  Trisha Najork-Vice President;   Ann-Marie Murphy-Treasurer;  Christina Shustock-Secretary;  Adam Cottini;  Concetta Cracolici;  Robert  Stipak;  Stacey Vavrinec

The meeting was called to order with greetings at 6:05 by President Jennifer Cestaro and Mrs. Kellogg opened with a prayer entitled “Have You?”  Robert Stipak made a motion to accept the minutes from the October Parent Guild meeting and it was seconded by Trisha Najork. All accepted and none opposed in a vote.

Old Business

Harvest Festival Outcome:  Mrs. Cestaro reported that the Harvest Festival was a success with high attendance, more then 100 children/80 adults and rave reviews – lots of fun has been reported!  Mrs. Murphy reported that the festival raised $546, which includes the $5 family registration fee & $2 costume entrance fee.  Mr. Cottini raised the question of how many families would have paid more money and it was agreed that many, many would have done so.  Mrs. Shustock reported that personalized thank you cards were being mailed/delivered to all of our sponsors and volunteers, who were exceptional.

Spirit Wear:  At this point, we have 17 orders totally $718.  The hooded sweatshirts, car clings and tee-shirts are selling well.  However, Mr. Stipak reported that we have not met the minimum numbers needed in order to place the order.  There was then discussion primarily between the members regarding designs, options and preorders.  It was decided that we can look into a redesign in the spring, possibly changing the company, and involving the children’s artwork.  It was also decided that we will preorder car clings & magnets to sell at the Book Fair to generate more interest in the Spirit Wear campaign.   Mr. Cottini graciously offered to donate an additional $100 to cover the costs of said preorder.  Ms. Kellogg reminded the Guild that this started as a parent movement last year to show spirit at school events. 


New Business

Membership:  Membership has increased dramatically over the last year, from 20 paid members to 59 paid members in this current year.  There are more families that have committed but have yet to pay their dues.  Ms. Kellogg stated that they may need a “gentle reminder” to remit payment.  Also, it has been decided that dues will increase to $20 for the 2014-15 school year.  The increase will allow paid members to attend all Guild events at a reduced admission, and give the Guild a foundation to fund early fall events.  Mrs.  Najork noted that we need to have a teacher’s wish list for our EOY profit decisions.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mrs. Murphy reported that the Guild account currently has $1,467, which does not include the $718 in pre-ordered sales for Spirit Wear.

November Game Night:  Mrs. Cestaro announced that the event has been postponed due to lack of chairperson and volunteers.  She also reported that fewer events are being planned, so that the Parent Guild can focus on quality over quantity.

Next Event: Crafts with Santa, Friday, December 6, 2013.  The event was discussed and a plea is being made in the next backpack news for a Santa volunteer.  Ms. Vavrinec suggested that in order to raise more funds that we could sell photos with Santa, leading Ms. Cracolici to suggest reaching out to Kristine Murray.  She also raised another idea, “Breakfast with Santa” and adding basket raffles to these events.   We are all very excited about this upcoming event.

Principal’s Report

Mrs. Kellogg reported that this is a good start. “Happy momentum”. She reported that the parent coffees were well attended and good topics were discussed, in fact there are more to come. Also, she will get feedback from teachers regarding Common Core homework issues and address it in the next newsletter. She really appreciates the Parent Guild’s enthusiasm and thinks we’re a great team. She reiterated again that there were good feelings from everyone regarding the Harvest Festival. There were happy kids and happy families and everyone felt good about being at Bishop Dunn. Finally, she noted that there were more after-school activities than ever before i.e. Lego League, college tutoring/mentoring, Irish step dance. 

Adjournment at 8:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Christina Shustock

November 22, 2013

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