Faculty and Staff Directory 2017 – 2018 School Year

Office Personnel 
Mrs. Nancy Benfer,  Principal and Director of Special Education

Mrs. Frances Lego, Office Manager

Dr. Sonya Abbye Taylor, Director of Professional Development and Curriculum

Mrs. Eileen Rose, Financial Manager

Sr. Lucy Povilonis, OP, Religious Coordinator

Mrs. MaryJane Kaknis, School Nurse

Mrs. Katelyn DelConte, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Pam Giraud, Speech Pathologist

Mrs. Kim Garcia, Special Education Teacher                                                       kgarcia2@necsd.net

Ms. Jessica Pforte, ADAPP Counselor

Ms. Tess Allen, After School Extension Program

Mrs. Donna Perk, Digital Communications Coordinator and Educate Administrator

Pre K
Ms. Mary Birnbryer, mary.birnbryer@bdms.org
Ms. Jacqueline Kavana, jacqueline.kavana@bdms.org

Mrs. Colleen Middlemiss, colleen.middlemiss@bdms.org
Mrs. Catherine McLoughlin, cathy.mcloughlin@bdms.org

Grade 1
Mrs. Jennifer LoPresti, jennifer.lopresti@bdms.org
Mrs. Ann Giraudin, ann.giraudin@bdms.org

Grade 2
Mr. Brian Kimbark, brian.kimbark@bdms.org
Mrs. Maryann D’Angelo, maryann.dangelo@bdms.org

Grade 3
Ms. Megan Stacklum, megan.stacklum@bdms.org
Mrs. Virginia Albano, virginia.albano@bdms.org

Grade 4
Mrs. Rebecca Hoag, rebecca.hoag@bdms.org
Ms. Jennifer Porcelli, jennifer.porcelli@bdms.org

Grade 5
Mrs. Kelly Vasilakos, kelly.vasilakos@bdms.org
Ms. Jennifer Porcelli, jennifer.porcelli@bdms.org

Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Mrs. Karen Crisci, Grade 7 Religion, Grade 6 Reading, Middle School Assistant, karen.crisci@bdms.org
Mrs. Lisa Johnson, Spanish, lisa.johnson@bdms.org
Ms. Brigid Killelea, ELA, brigid.killelea@bdms.org
Mr. Wes Love, Science Consultant, wes.love@bdms.org
Ms. Jennifer Weber, Science, jennifer.weber@bdms.org
Ms. Caitlin Bonanno, Social Studies, caitlin.bonanno@bdms.org
Mrs. Nicole Purdy, Math, nicole.purdy@bdms.org
Mrs. Susan Trieste, Grades 6 and 8 Religion, FOCUS Program, susan.trieste@bdms.org

Special Subjects
Mr. Raymond Berry, Physical Education, raymond.berry@bdms.org
Mrs. Donna DelConte, Art/Library, donna.delconte@bdms.org
Ms. Lisa Johnson, Spanish (Grades 1 and 2), lisa.johnson@bdms.org
Mr. Grant Konno, Music/Library, grant.konno@bdms.org                                                      Mrs. Melissa Broe, Technology Assistant, melissa.broe@bdms.org

Athletics                                                                                                                               Kelly Yough, Athletic Director, kelly.yough@msmc.edu