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Christian LoBiondo’s appointment to the US Air Force Academy
Mahwah, NJ – on May 31st, Lt. Col. Patrick Doyle, on behalf of the President of the United States, presented Christian LoBiondo with an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.  Col. Doyle is Director of the NJ Admissions Liasions Officers of the US Air Force Academy, which is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  LoBiondo, a lifelong resident of Newburgh, New York, recently graduated from Don Bosco Prep High School in Ramsey, New Jersey, an all boys Salesian high school.   Lieutenant Doyle announced the appointment at the Don Bosco Prep senior awards dinner held at the Mahwah Sheraton in Mahwah, New Jersey.

 “This appointment is going to a very deserving young man, and is the equivalent of a four year full ride scholarship at a top-tier University,“  said Lieutenant Doyle.  “We accept only the best of the best. This year, of the over 10,000 applicants, we only accepted 1,160.  So you can see  how truly outstanding Christian really is.  These students will join the long blue line, becoming outstanding leaders of character in the world’s greatest Air Force. To develop those leaders, our cadets take part in a wide variety of programs including flying aircraft, free fall parachuting, competitive athletics, military training, and foreign exchange programs around the world. At the same time, they will attend classes,  ranging from aeronautical and electrical engineering  to history and political science.  At the end of four years, they will have a Bachelor of Science degree in their choice of  27 majors, and will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.”

“For these cadets,” said Lieutenant Doyle, “the end of school is only the beginning.  They will take the skills and knowledge they developed in the Air Force Academy and will serve in one of 38 career fields  and will continue to serve for the next five years  while they continue to develop leadership and  Professional expertise.  Graduates of the Air Force Academy have gone on to be Rhoades scholars, titans of industry, politicians, generals, heroes, athletes, and astronauts.”

“I can’t wait to see what great things Christian will do,”  said Lieutenant Doyle.  “And on a personal note,  from my interviews with Christian and in speaking with him over the last few months,  I could not be more impressed with him as an individual:  his character, his values, and the work he has done in his community back in Newburgh.   So without further ado, on behalf of the President of the United States, Christian LoBiondo is hereby appointed as a cadet in the United States Air Force Academy, class of 2022.”

During the Bosco awards dinner, LoBiondo also received the prestigious Dr. Scanlon Scholarship Award.

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Note to media sources. If you would like to contact Colonel Doyle to review or verify his speech, of which this is an Exact Transcript, the following is his email. PLEASE do not publish his email in the newspaper this is for media purposes only:

Colonel Patrick Doyle, USAFA, presenting Christian LoBiondo with a certificate of appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.

Dr. Scanlon presenting Christian LoBiondo with the Dr. Scanlon Scholarship Award.   Dr. Scanlon has served Don Bosco Prep in various capacities for 52 years as a teacher, guidance counselor, class dean, vice principal, principal, and ambassador.

(L-R) Father Jim Heuser, SDB, Director and President  of Don Bosco Prep;  Christian LoBiondo;  and Lt. Colonel Patrick Doyle

(L-R)  Anthony LoBiondo, Christian’s father and a local attorney;  Lt. Colonel Patrick Doyle, US Air Force Academy;  Christian LoBiondo, appointee to the United States Air Force Academy; and Juliana LoBiondo, Christian’s mother and a local attorney.