The Secret Life of Bees

Use Student Writing Center to type your answers to the questions below. Use the links provided to find answers. If there is no link provided with a question, use the internet to research your answer. Don’t forget to list the web addresses (URLs) of your sources along with your answers!

Civil Rights in 1964

  1. Which President signed the Civil Rights Act into law?
  2. On what date was the act signed?
  3. What rights did African Americans gain from the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
  4. What happened on March 7, 1965, that prompted President Johnson to enact an stronger Voting Rights Law to protect the rights of African Americans to vote?
  5. What is a Black Madonna?
  6. Find a picture of a Black Madonna and paste it into your answer document.
  7. Why do you think May, June and August would have such reverence for the Black Madonna?
  8. One of the most famous and inspiring speeches of all time was given in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 1963. Use the internet to find the speech and read it. Write a paragraph describing the author of the speech. Describe ways that you think society has changed since that speech. Is there more that could be done to improve our society?

Sue Monk Kidd

  1. Where was Sue Monk Kidd born?
  2. When was she born?
  3. What was the name of Sue Monk Kidd’s first book?
  4. In what year did Sue Monk Kidd begin writing The Secret Life of Bees?

Bee Keeping

  1. A beekeeper uses smoke to ‘calm’ the bees. How does this work?
  2. How does a beekeeper find the queen?