Productivity Software

Microsoft PowerPoint – multimedia/presentation software. PowerPoing enables students to visually organize ideas and research, improve critical-thinking and problem-solving processes, and builds communicating and presentation skills.

Inspiration/Kidspiration – visual learning tool. Inspiration and Kidspiration’s integrated diagramming and outlining tools work together to help students comprehend concepts and information. Inspiration/Kidspiration enables students to brainstorm, plan, organize, outline, prewrite, diagram, create concept maps, and create concept webs.

TimeLiner 5.0 – TimeLiner makes it easy to create, illustrate, and print time lines. Students can import movies, sounds, and graphics and turn their time lines into multimedia presentation.

Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel helps students organize, chart, and evaluate all types of information from all curricular areas in a spreadsheet format.

Microsoft Word – A word processing and desktop publishing program for reports, newsletter, journals, letters and signs.

Easybook Deluxe – Easybook Deluxe is a book-publishing tool which provides a creative environment to write, design, and illustrate stories and reports.

Kid Pix Studio Deluxe – Kid Pix is also a multimedia tool which enables students to creatively present information.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Version 11 – Mavis Beacon consists of typing tutorials that track each student’s speed and suggest practice lessons that address the individual student’s needs. Mavis Beacon provides onscreen guide hands which indicate finger position for the home row, correct hand placement, and the proper finger to use for key combinations.