Special Education

Teacher: Mrs. Susan Trieste
Contact Information:  susan.trieste@bdms.org

Bishop Dunn Memorial School is a small private school located on the campus of Mount Saint Mary’s College in Newburgh, New York. The school has students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. The special education program provides a  positive learning environment to meet the students’ individual needs.

The special education program at Bishop Dunn is a program for children with learning needs. The students in the program have been identified by their districts as needing special education services and each student has an IEP. Direct teaching instruction, resource room and related services are provided by the Newburgh School District at Bishop Dunn per IEP goals and objectives.

In addition, the program at Bishop Dunn provides small group instruction in the core academic subjects of English, language arts and mathematics. The students are provided individual attention in the areas of need as well as instruction in grade level material that corresponds with the state mandates. Focus is on reading and writing across the curriculum. The students are provided support and encouragement to improve their skills and gain the independence and confidence that will be needed in the future.

The students are included with their grade group peers for the content area classes of social studies, science and religion. Modifications and accommodations are implemented as dictated by each child’s IEP.

Mrs. Susan Trieste is the special education teacher who works directly with the students in grades 6-8.  Mrs. Trieste is certified by New York State in special education, elementary education, and English.