Curriculum Overview

The Spanish curriculum focuses on mastering speaking, comprehension, reading and writing in the target language.

Text and workbook pages being covered each day are posted on the board for the week ahead and students copy the daily lessons as well as test dates on Friday or at the end of each week into their planners during class.  Any incomplete workbook pages and/text activities are expected to be completed at home.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by leaving a message at school or by email at

Please have students review the vocabulary nightly in their translation pages, study guides, checked off workbook activities, notebook quiz formats, text activities in notebooks and flashcards. They will need to bring home their text, work and notebooks every night to review and have in case of absence, school closing or delay. All students will be tested orally individually and in groups for a grade as well as graded for an autobiography writing sample given in Chapter 3 of each unit. Students are also given study guides to review for upcoming quizzes and tests. Checking off important exercises in workbooks and copying formatted examples from the board for certain quizzes and parts of exams are another resource for students to review at home to prepare for upcoming tests. Each unit contains four chapters.  We use the 2004 Como Te Va Series. Quizlet is also available for students to practice vocabulary.

Each January, the ADAC Council will sponsor a poster contest and the information will be explained to the students and sent home with a due date. These posters are a project grade.  We have had many talented students place in this contest and some in our school have won the grand prize for the county. Posters are delivered to the Goshen site and winners are anncounced.

Please be sure to check the Cornerstone Parent Portal system each week to view Spanish grades.  Weekly, the grades are updated daily in the system.  Workbooks are usually completed in class as homework.  Students are expected to review at home from Sunday through Thursday each week  to prepare for tests and quizzes.  They will have an occasional project and portfolio writing sample to type up as well as verb sheets to hand in.  Please check their planners at the end of each week to see the projected work for the week ahead.  If you notice their grades dropping on the Cornerstone Parent Portal, please feel free to contact me via email on the BDMS website. Copies of any tests/quizzes may be sent home with a student to review for chapter tests and unit exams.  Students may request the copies from me and I will send them down to get the copies as soon as possible. Students may also ask for extra help and I will try and accommodate them during their flex time, if I don’t have a class at that time, or during lunch/recess time if I am free. Eighth grade will receive additional help on Wednesdays when they are not at Head Start as well as after school until 3 pm by appointment when I am available.  Grade 8 is totally immersed in the target language so I will briefly address any questions after class in addition to the other times previously mentioned.

We are looking forward to another successful year. Thank you, in advance, for your support.