Science Class Overview


6th Grade: Earth Science

7th Grade/ 8R: Physical Science

8A : Living Environment

Middle school science students will start the year with a few review chapters. By participating in hands-on labs, the students will practice going through all of the steps of the scientific method. In addition, the students will also review the metric system and lab safety. Students will continue to work on lab techniques throughout the year.

Our science class holds numerous special events throughout the school year. Our annual Element-O Bingo is held around Halloween. This is an educational and fun way to increase student understanding of the periodic table. Wintertime brings holiday-themed science activities such as original songs with a scientific tie in. During late winter/early spring we host our annual Science Fair. Through collaboration with Mount St. Mary College, middle school students are given the opportunity to display and explain their projects to judges. The Science Fair provides students with the opportunity to practice their research skills, scientific method skills, essay writing, and oral presentation skills.The end of May will bring us to the performance portion of the 8th Grade NYS Science Exam and the written portion of the exam will be in the beginning of June. In addition, the Living Environment Science Regents will be given in June for 8th grade accelerated students.

Throughout the year, students will be involved in science-technology projects. Students will continuously do research on the internet and they will learn how to properly cite their sources. Projects will be presented utilizing Google Classroom, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.


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