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Teacher:  Ms. Jennifer Weber
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Science Consultant:  Mr. Wes Love
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Class Guidelines





Science Fair Rubric and Board Guidelines

Science Fair Project Ideas



1″-1.5″ binder with Section dividers

Pencils, pens, erasers, eraser caps & highlighters

Science Journal: Marble or Composition Notebook with bound pages

1-2 glue sticks for personal use

Minimum 4 function calculator – mandatory for 8th grade, encouraged for 6th and 7th

Colored pencils or crayons (recommend Crayola brand – they don’t seem to break as easily)

*Optional: (choose one) hand sanitizer, baby wipes, tissues or colored pencils.


Annual Information

Middle school science students will start the year with a few review chapters. By doing hands-on labs the students will work through the scientific method and focus on collecting data and ways to present the data. They will also be reviewing the metric system and lab safety. Students will continue to work on lab techniques throughout the year.

Our Annual Element Bingo will be held this year around Halloween. This is an educational and fun way to celebrate this event. This year we will also participate in National Chemistry week and the students will be participating in activities run by Mount Saint Mary’s Chemistry Department.  The holidays bring holiday-themed ornaments and songs with a scientific tie in. Annually we host a Science Fair with cooperation from students from Mount St. Mary College. The end of May will bring us to the Performance portion of the 8th Grade NYS Science Fair and the written portion of the exam will be in the beginning of June. In addition, the Living Environment Science Regents will be given in June for 8th grade accelerated students.

Students will be involved in science-technology projects. Projects will be presented utilizing Power Point, Excel, and Word, and students will perform Internet research to gather information.  Students will be required to keep a science journal and read and report on current happenings in the science world.

The middle school science program uses the Pearson and Prentice Hall Series textbooks in conjunction with the workbooks and lab books. The eighth grade uses a review book for the New York State Science Test.