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  1. Overview of math program
  2. Textbooks currently used
  3. Links to Common Core Standards for Math
  4. Extra Help/Studying Websites

Currently offered in the middle school math program is a traditional regents level program as well as an accelerated program for all three-grade levels. The curriculum consists of grade six through grade nine mathematics (Algebra 1 ). The middle school math program follows the Common Core Math Standards for all four curriculums.  Preparing students with a work ethic useful in high school is a goal of this program.  Classroom assessments and activities include the following: tests, quizzes, homework assignments, class participation, cooperative learning, as well as drill and practice.

The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students work with Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt On Core Mathematics. All students use Cross Walk Coach for the Common Core State Standards patterned to work towards the new Common Core Assessments.

Links to information related to the Common Core Standards:

 Extra Help/Studying:

The pages listed below will help you by providing extra practice questions.  You submit your response and it will automatically let you know if you have the answer correct or not.  If you have answered incorrectly it will provide you an explanation and show you how to correctly solve the question.  The page is broken down by standards and then topics.  Look in your math practice book to determine what standard we have been working on.  The standard is located in the upper right hand corner at the start of each lesson.

MAP Growth Grades 6+ to Khan Academy

(Algebra 1 students you will have to go through the standard and only click on the questions that specifically say Algebra 1 questions).

I hope that these websites help when you are practicing and studying for you quizzes/tests.