Grade 6 ELA Curriculum Overview

The study of vocabulary is continuous on all three grade levels, with an assessment at the end of each lesson or unit. Children are expected to learn the definitions of words, as well as be able to use the words correctly in their writing. Children in the accelerated program also learn the Latin or Greek roots of words and are expected to know the origins of the words they are studying.

All students in the middle school program are introduced to etymology and learn how to discern the meaning of a word, based on its root word(s).

The children will explore plot, character, setting and theme in the form of short stories from our literature text and the novels The View From Saturday, Holes, Crispin and the Cross of Lead and The Penderwicks. The majority of writing tasks are directly related to the novels/stories we read. The sixth graders also perform a Shakespeare Readers’ Theatre in the spring.

The sixth graders will be concentrating on identifying sentences. They will be able to identify the four kinds of sentences, as well as determine fragments and run on sentences. We will also review basic grammatical concepts such as subject/predicate and identifying the eight parts of speech in sentences.