Grade 8 Songwriter Project

English 8
Miss Killelea

Songwriter Project

It is my opinion that talented songwriters are ignored poets and storytellers. Every eighth grader will be asked to give an oral presentation on a songwriter of his or her choice. The goal of the project is to present at least two themes in the songwriter’s body of work.

This is an oral presentation. You will be graded on eye contact and the volume of your voice. Use notes, but do not read directly from your notes. Students must identify at least two themes in the writer’s work and then play songs that represent those themes

PowerPoint should only be used for photos and/or videos. Do not put the text of your presentation on PowerPoint slides!

Your presentation should include the following information:

  • Biographical data: Where and when was this person born? Family life? School, early jobs, relationships, etc.
  • Early Influences: What artists influenced this person? When/how did s/he begin writing? Did s/he write anything other than songs? When did this person begin to play/write music? Any mentors?
  • Career: Timeline of career, highlights and problems along the way
  • Pertinent Information: Any information or situation that makes this person unique?
  • Performance: You must perform a minimum of 4 songs from this artist. You may either play recorded music or perform live in the classroom. All lyrics must be submitted to me one week before the presentation.

Be creative! This is an opportunity to not only highlight the originality of your subject, but also your own creativity!

Presentations will begin in October and will culminate in May. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for a presentation date at the beginning of school. This project will count as a test grade in the 4th quarter.

Have fun!