Minutes are tentative as they will be approved at the June 3 meeting.

Minutes of the Parent Guild Association Board Meeting

May 6, 2013

 Meeting began at 6:14 PM with an opening prayer by Karen Kellogg,

Parents Present: 

Concetta Cracolici, Lisa Davis (President), Frank Licameli, Keffion Mensah, Kristina Murray, Rosa Pastorello, Robert Stipak (Treasurer)

BDMS Representatives:

Patricia Greico (Asst. Principal/Development Coordinator), Karen Kellogg (Principal)

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the meeting held on April 10, 2013 was circulated. Lisa Davis moved to amend the minutes regarding the upcoming Guys and Dolls event.  No parent volunteers will be needed and the concession stand will be managed by the Drama Department.  The minutes were accepted with the amendment by Rosa Pastorello and was second by Robert Stipak.


There was no formal financial report from the Treasurer.

President’s Report – Current business

1) Bowling Night

            Draft flyer was presented by Lisa.  It was the consensus that we should specify that the cost to attend is per bowler which includes refreshments. Non bowlers must purchase refreshments at their own expense. An updated flyer will be circulated to the Board for approval and will be sent home by May 14, 2013.

            Mrs. Greico will confirm with the Board the use of wristbands or stamps to differentiate bowlers and nonbowlers on the day of the event.

2) Barnes & Nobles and Chilli’s

            Checks have not been received by BDMS with the proceeds from the two events.  Mrs. Greico will notify the school community on the amounts coming directly to the school upon her receipt of such information.

3) Annual BDMS Auction

            Mrs. Greico reported on the 2012-2013 auction.  Revenue totaled $51,781 and expenses of $17,555 with net proceeds of $34,226 as compared to 2011-2012 revenue of $64,775 and expenses of $24,769 with net proceeds $40,006.  It was noted that the auction committee for 2012-2013 was able to reduce their expenses substantially from the previous year.

            Mrs. Kellogg spoke of her appreciation of the parents who volunteered in making the event a success.  She mentioned two parents have expressed their interest in chairing the Auction for the 2013-2014 school year. It is her wish to keep the auction items simple and personal so that we can continue to reduce our expense and maximize our profits.  She also spoke about the difficult economic times many BDMS families are facing and the possibility of creating a scholarship from the proceeds for assisting these families. 

4) Field Day

            Many ideas were presented regarding the format of Field day.  Mrs. Kellogg would like to see 8 stations, with each station having a different activity for the kids.  She also suggested having the older students (7th and 8th graders) paired up with the Kindergarten and PreK Classes as they move through the various stations.  Keffion Mensah suggested that each class could either come up with their own activity/game or pick from what Mrs. Kellogg and her team already have in place.  Mrs. Greico, Mrs. Kellogg and Lisa will discuss with Ms Twomey on how to best facilitate this and report to the Board.

5) Family BBQ

            Tentative 5:00 PM at Hudson Hall Lawn on MSMC campus. Grills to be provided by MSMC.  Mrs. Kellogg would like to see mostly staple items, e.g. Hot dogs, Hamburgers, salads and chips. Rob has a contact with Royal Foods and will explore the possibility of a donation for the event.  Concetta suggested asking each family to bring a dish or each class contribute a group of similar items, e.g. one class would be drinks and ice, another can do just salads, another can do just condiments, etc. Keffion suggested that we could speak with a local company about getting a bouncy house rental discounted as entertainment for the children and charge a minimal fee per child to help offset the rental cost. Mrs. Kellogg stated that she wanted the event to remain a free simple event as a thank you to the BDMS families for their continued support.  Mrs. Kellogg suggested that the Parent Guild send a request out to all families on any novelty items that can be used at the event such as popcorn making machines or cotton candy machine.

6 ) Future Events

            A) Kris suggested that a movie on the lawn would be a great event for all grades.  She has volunteered to provide the equipment needed.

            B) Daddy O’s at the Newburgh Mall has provided us with a 2 week 10% back on sales with the provided flyer for BDMS.  It was concluded that the week before and after Memorial day is a good time.  Lisa will confirm this with Daddy O’s upon which flyers will be sent home.

            C) Monthly Virtue Character Trait – proposal for teachers to nominate students monthly who will then be recognized in general assembly. 

            D) National Junior Honor Society – Concetta will provide Mrs. Kellogg with contact information and details regarding instituting this at BDMS.

            E) Frank mentioned doing a tribute to Veterans for Flag day.  Mrs. Kellogg stated that the current calendar does not allow much flexibility for Flag day this year but the idea can be tabled for next year. 

            F) Mrs. Kellogg suggested letters written by the children to the veterans at Castle Point VA hospital for Veterans Day.

 Next meeting

            Our next meeting will be June 3, 2013 at 8:30 AM at BDMS. Items currently on the agenda are election of new officers for 2013-2014 school year, as well as a tentative full year calendar of events.

            NOTE: All are welcome to self nominate to be a Parent Guild Board member. Your nomination will be voted on using a majority rule, after which you must become a paid member which is $5 annually or $5 for the year in which you are serving. 

 The meeting ended at approximately 7:30PM
Respectfully submitted,

Keffion Mensah







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